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The Extraoral Dental Suction helps in removing the high-volume of droplets and aerosols produced during the treatment. This system has an extensive medical-grade filtration system, a UV light disinfectant, and also the capacity to eliminate germs and viruses.
Product specification
Application scenarioStomatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, ENT, and other departments, doctors and patients are in close contact, patients cannot take protective measures, and there is a potential cross-infection risk between doctors and patients
Technical features
Anti-Online (national invention patent) long-acting slow-release sterilization patented material
Medical grade H14 filter loaded with 5% Anti-Online sterilized material
One-time sterilization efficiency 99.95%
UVC-Max (national invention patent) deep ultraviolet LED disinfection module
Compared with the traditional mercury lamp tube, it can save more than 90% and the life span is more than 20,000 hours
No mercury. No ozone. Without high temperature. No risk of lamp breaking.
Rated voltage 220V/50Hz rated power 125W
Noise 25-55dB(A) One-time disinfection efficiency:锛?9.95%
Motor Shibaura Brushless DC Control method 5-speed speed regulation + remote control
Applicable volume 锛?0m鲁 Air volume 800m鲁/h
Product Size 420*420*850mm packaging size 450*450*900mm
Product material Carbon steel + paintweight 35kg
Third-party test data
One time removal rate810m鲁/hUV leakage<1螠w/c銕?/p>
Ozone leakage0.003mg/m鲁Staphylococcus albicans 100%
Natural airborne bacteria99%Type 鈪nvironmental standard0.3CFU/鐨匡紙15min锛?/p>
TVOC leakage<0.01mg/m鲁One time removal rate锛?9.95%
Staphylococcus aureus
One time removal rate
锛?9.95%Escherichia coli
One time removal rate
Candida albicans
One time removal rate锛?9.95%Aspergillus niger
One time removal rate锛?9.95%Extraoral Suction manufacturers